You may be looking at how your neighbor’s lawn is looking greener and healthy than yours, but you do not know how to do the same. It is very simple; you need to understand that the appearance of your lawn depends on the little things you do every day to maintain it. In our article, we will highlight some of the key practices you should be doing from time to time to maintain your lawn properly. Keep reading the information below and take note of every activity discussed.


Remove weeds

One of the most significant factors that hinder the proper growth of grass in your yard is weeds. You need to start by deleting the existing weeds. After removing all the existing weeds from your lawn, make sure you put measures in place to prevent sprouting of other weeds in the future. However, some few types of weeds are inevitable in most lawns. That is why you need to be consistent in removing them at the early stages. You can get rid of weeds by pulling them by hands or by use of a handheld weeder. If the weeds are not manageable and they regenerate easily, you can use herbicides. Also, make sure that the herbicides are friendly to the environment and do not harm the grass on your lawn. Beware that some weeding products require you to apply them at certain times of the year. Therefore, be mindful on how you apply these weed-killing chemicals. Make sure you follow the recommended application guidelines by the manufacturer.


Dethatching your lawn

Thatch is the matted accumulation of different organic debris that commonly includes the part between the grass blades and roots. These can bring forth dead patches in the turf and open spaces that give a favorable environment for weeds to grow. Always ensure that you check your lawn and maintain a one-inch layer of thatch. You can buy a dethatching tool to aid you in getting rid of thatch. You should also expect your lawn to look ugly afterward, but after one month it will regain its beauty.


Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration is essential when working towards maintaining your yard. Make sure that you keep inspecting the turf to solve any compaction problem. You should dig a square-foot section on your yard and try to examine the grass’ roots on your own. If the roots are not as deep as two inches into the soil, then you need to up your aeration game. You can improve your lawn aeration by regular watering of the lawn. After watering your lawn, leave it for two days and run a core aerator at least once. After running the aerator on the lawn once, apply compost manure and little sand.


lawn trimmngMow appropriately

One of the main things to do to maintain your lawn is appropriate mowing. A properly maintained lawn is one that is mowed regularly and adequately. Mowing also helps you to get rid of weeds from your lawn. Also, avoid scalping your lawn. Instead, mow about a third of the top grass. And make sure the level is consistent.