• Abra AJ Groupart Prize Home Valuation Portal aims to impart effective approaches on how homeowners can put additional value on their real properties with our home improvement ideas.

Getting these simple to complex home improvement suggestions before our assessment of your home will undoubtedly increase the value of your property. With our passion that everyone should receive the fair price of their property on all real estate transactions; by no means, your property will value much more with our recommendations.

From our educational articles, we also have instructional videos that will help you decide whether the home improvement can be made through do-it-yourself method or by hiring a professional service provider. By giving you our estimate of the improvement projects, we give you options on what improvements you will be undertaking with your finances as the most critical deciding factor. From simple and inexpensive options like tending your lawns to repainting or fixing broken windows, we give insights on home insulation, renovation and other aspects that will truly improve the price of your property.